Neotech Clarinet Neck Strap



  • Ultra-thin yet durable neoprene pad
  • Unique Loop attaches easily to either a thumb rest or strap ring
  • Two-finger slide adjusts length
  • For musicians with multiple instruments, extra Neo Mini QD Loops are sold separately
  • Detaches from the strap with a secure quick disconnect system
  • Made in the USA

Neotech’s Clarinet Loop Strap™ is the “barely there” solution for clarinet players who enjoy the security of a strap without the bulky look of one. It features a 3mm thick neoprene pad that is just 1 inch wide for discreet comfort. The unique loop attachment fastens securely around the base of a thumb rest or through a strap ring. It is compatible with most thumb rest covers too! The loop remains on the instrument when in storage, detaching from the strap with a secure quick disconnect system. Firm pressure on both sides is required to release it so there are no worries of it coming apart unexpectedly. For musicians with multiple instruments, extra Neo Mini QD Loops are sold separately.

The Clarinet Loop Strap™ is just the ticket for relieving the stress and strain of holding your instrument for long practice sessions and performances. It offers comfortable support around the neck and shoulders while reducing strain often felt in the thumb due to supporting the instrument’s weight. Treat yourself to Neotech’s Clarinet Loop Strap™ and you’ll be able to play in comfort!

Neotech continues to innovate quality products to meet the ever-changing needs of the avid musician. Proudly made in the USA. Their products incorporate top-quality materials as they feel you deserve the very best!

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