Step Up Instruments


What is a step-up instrument?


A step-up instrument is exactly what it sounds like: it is a next level instrument when compared with a student model designed for beginners.

While most student-level instruments will be appropriate for new beginners, there is a wide range in the quality and craft of step-up instruments with models targeted towards intermediate to professional levels.




Why upgrade to a step-up?


Moving to an intermediate or professional level model can provide an instrument that adequately matches the playing level of the performer.

Their materials, construction, and design are superior to beginner level instruments. They may have extra keywork, larger bore size, or other features allowing for extended range and greater control of sound.

Tone, response, intonation, and quality of sound are all areas performers can find improvement with a next-level instrument. There is a difference to be heard!


When should you make the switch?


The best time to upgrade your instrument varies from musician to musician. Generally, for students, late middle school through high school is a good time to explore the options available.

Consulting with your band or orchestra teacher or a private lessons instructor can be a good way to decide if it is the right time to look for a new instrument.


Why not start with a step-up?


While it is not impossible to begin learning to play an instrument on a higher-level model, some of the design features useful for experienced musicians may prove challenging for the beginner to handle. Step-up models also tend to be a bit bigger which can be a challenge for younger students.

This, combined with the greater cost is why most beginner students will start out on a student model. For beginners, the best path is usually a rent-to-own plan.



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